Building Survey (Structural Survey)

We are RICS qualified surveyor. We provide a detailed report of a property you intend to buy, it includes any sort of issues/flaw you should check before buying. Our surveyor always do best to share right and full infromation about property so you can take informative descision. Sometime this report also helps in renegotiating offers. This report is detailed report as per RICS regulation which helps in discover unseen issues.

Why do you need this survery?

This is an optional choice. Becuase you’ve bought the property, it’s yours, flaws and all. The previous owners won’t be liable at all. Suppose you are having tough time with money and now you can not do anything. You have to invest more money and time to fix everything. But if you has this report prior, it will save time and money by having all the information you need up front while negoations.

The buildings survey is the most in-depth survey you can have, and it is designed to check for structural issues and other unseen issues that other levels can’t discover.

What Information does this report have?

– Type of material used in consturction
– Construcition age
– Discover serious damage or any detailed investigation to prevent serious damage
– Provides detailed information about the structure and fabric of the property
– Discover problems that need urgent attention, or are serious

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